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How to Educate a Citizen; The Power of Shared Knowledge to Unify a Nation (Hardcover)


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Title: How to Educate a Citizen; The Power of Shared Knowledge to Unify a Nation
Type: Remainder
Author: Hirsch, E. D. Jr.
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780063001923
Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher
Language: English
Page Count: 213
Category: Education
Subject: Curricula
Subject: Educational Policy & Reform

Description: In How to Educate a Citizen, E.D. Hirsch continues the conversation he began thirty years ago with his classic bestseller Cultural Literacy, urging America’s public schools, particularly at the elementary level, to educate our children more effectively to help heal and preserve the nation. Since the 1960s, our schools have been relying on “child-centered learning.” History, geography, science, civics, and other essential knowledge have been dumbed down by vacuous learning “techniques” and “values-based” curricula; indoctrinated by graduate schools of education, administrators and educators have believed they are teaching reading and critical thinking skills. Yet these cannot be taught in the absence of strong content, Hirsch argues.rrThe consequence is a loss of shared knowledge that would enable us to work together, understand one another, and make coherent, informed decisions. A broken approach to school not only leaves our children under-prepared and erodes the American dream but also loosens the spiritual bonds and unity that hold the nation together. Drawing on early schoolmasters and educational reformers such as Noah Webster and Horace Mann, Hirsch charts the rise and fall of the American early education system and provides a blueprint for closing the national gap in knowledge, communications, and allegiance. Critical and compelling, How to Educate a Citizen galvanizes our schools to equip children with the power of shared knowledge.

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