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Dad Up!: Long-Time Comedian. First-Time Father. (Paperback)



Title: Dad Up!: Long-Time Comedian. First-Time Father.
Type: Remainder
Author: Patterson, Steve
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780735238350
Publisher: Penguin Books
Language: English
Page Count: 220
Category: Humor
Subject: Topic – Family
Subject: Parenting

Description: From one of the country’s most beloved comedians and host of CBC Radio’s incredibly popular program The Debaters comes a funny, poignant, and at times unexpectedly wise look at what it means to be a dad in this day and age.rrSteve Patterson has been thinking about dad-dom for quite a while. In Dad Up! he gives his all to be the best father possible to two young girls while imparting his hard-won wisdom and insights to readers everywhere.rrThe youngest of five boys growing up in an Irish Catholic household, Patterson mines his childhood for any sage advice he might have picked up from his own dad. He talks with candour about the difficulty he and his wife, Nancy, had conceiving, finding humour in their experiences with the fertility clinic’s automated phone calls (which Patterson calls “RoboPimp”) informing them when Nancy was ovulating. He chronicles the disappointment of failing to get pregnant, only to have the miracle conception take place in Regina during Grey Cup Week, under the guiding spirit of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and comedian Brent Butt (don’t ask).rrFrom that point on, Steve Patterson assumes full dad-mode, riffing on the biohazard that is changing a diaper, the absolute futility of stuffed animals, becoming a public breastfeeding warrior in the most unexpected of places, and how growing up a little boy in no way prepares you to being a father to little girls.rrMost importantly, Dad Up! charts the awesome experience of watching tiny infants that you somehow had a hand in creating evolve into confident and crafty little people, and the lessons that they teach along the way.

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