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Brain Dump: Doodles, Activities, and Journaling for the John (Hardcover)



Title: Brain Dump: Doodles, Activities, and Journaling for the John
Type: Remainder
Author: Running Press
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780762459773
Publisher: Running Press
Language: English
Page Count: 144
Category: Humor
Subject: General

Description: Have you had enough of the vexation that accompanies losing the greatest comeback to your office nemesis? Are you sick of the irritation that follows forgetting the idea that would have made you the next Bill Gates? And it’s all because you’ve been stranded on the john without pen and paper! Often our best ideas strike when we’re distracted by mundane tasks like doing the dishes, driving, or taking a dump. That’s where this journal-slash-activity book comes in. With Brain Dump, you’ll have the perfect bathroom companion right at your fingertips so you can jot down all your best thoughts, fancies, and frustrations.rrAlongside journaling pages so you can write down all your brilliant ideas and practice your best doodles, Brain Dump also includes poo-provoking writing prompts—How would you bring about world peace? and What’s your long-term poo plan?—fun facts, brain- teasing puzzles like Sudupoo, and plenty of space to document your poo and help get things moving smoothly. For those moments when nature calls and you’re either suddenly struck with inspiration or stuck sitting on the porcelain throne consumed with boredom, Brain Dump is here to save the day!

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