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All Things Being Equal: Why Math Is the Key to a Better World (Paperback)



Title: All Things Being Equal: Why Math Is the Key to a Better World
Type: Remainder
Author: Mighton, John
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780735272903
Publisher: Vintage Books Canada
Language: English
Page Count: 294
Category: Education
Subject: Learning Styles
Subject: Study & Teaching

Description: From the award-winning founder of JUMP Math, All Things Being Equal is a proven guide to succeeding in math, and a passionate argument for why this success can and must be available to the majority instead of the privileged few.rrFor two decades, John Mighton has developed strategies for fostering intellectual potential in all children through learning math. Math, Mighton says, provides us with mental tools of incredible power. When we learn math we learn to see patterns, to think logically and systematically, to draw analogies, to perceive risk, to understand cause and effect–among many other critical skills. Yet we tolerate and in fact expect a vast performance gap in math among students, and live in a world where many adults aren’t equipped with these crucial tools. This learning gap is unnecessary, dangerous and tragic, he cautions, and it has led us to a problem of intellectual poverty which is apparent everywhere–in fake news, political turmoil, floundering economies, even in erroneous medical diagnoses.rrIn All Things Being Equal, Mighton argues that math study is an ideal starting point to break down social inequality and empower individuals to build a smarter, kinder, more equitable world. Bringing together the latest cognitive research and incremental learning strategies, Mighton goes deep into the classroom and beyond to offer a hopeful–and urgent–vision for a numerate society.

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