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100 Facts Bundle # 5 (Boxed Set)



Title: 100 Facts Bundle # 5
Type: Remainder
Author: Miles Kelly Publishing
Binding: Boxed Set
ISBN: 9781782090823
Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing
Language: English
Page Count: 0
Category: Children Nonfiction
Subject: Curiosities & Wonders
Subject: Animals

Description: The 100 Facts series fills the open minds of budding academics and explorers with entertaining trivia about a wide range of subjects, from famous explorations to the human body to sea animals. Realistic illustrations, photographs, and cartoons help each book’s 100 facts and stories leap from the page. This bundle of 10 books includes: Astronomy; Birds of Prey; Deadly Creatures; Exploring Space; Human Body; Inventions; Oceans; Spiders; T Rex; Venom.

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